Jupiter in Virgo


Role Models for Individual Integrity; Lucky when Keeping it Real

People born with Jupiter in Virgo become their best selves by allowing themselves to fully experience the intricacies of reality. Luck for them may seem allusive as it always seems to come with hard work and a little pain.  But they are actually quite fortunate because they grow every time they face reality, exercise reason, and use good judgement.  For others, where luck comes easy, wisdom comes slowly. They make many mistakes before they can mature.  For Jupiter in Virgo natives, luck doesn’t come easy so they gain wisdom much sooner and the older they get the easier and more carefree their lives become.

Jupiter in Virgo natives gain wisdom by exercising judgement, critiquing, being unimpressed and unsatisfied and being able figure out and explain exactly why. Any situation that leaves them unpleased is a magnificent opportunity for them to gain wisdom  Whenever they can survey a situation and assess it for its quality, morality, and fidelity, their character will develop and they will mature. They frequently attract messy, vulgar, immoral situations so that they may learn how to maintain their own purity, dignity, and sense of self.  At their best they can serve as great mentors and advisors to people with Sun in Virgo.  

Jupiter in Virgo natives are by nature very critical.  They are guided by a strong need to separate the treasure from the trash.  They have very high standards for themselves and the world.  They want to see everything at its best and serving its true purpose.  They want everything in working order and in it’s most optimal condition.  They are not the types to hand out praise when it isn’t deserved and they don’t want praise or rewards if they don’t feel that they deserve them.  They believe in working hard to be their best selves and believe that everyone has a job to do. They are very strongly connected to the earth and they don’t like to see anyone out of their natural order, slacking on their responsibilities or values.  

They have to fight the tendency to be obsessive compulsive. They attract so much dirt, dishonesty, vulgarity that they have to try extra hard not to get swallowed up in the filth. They can be very neurotic and obsessive.  They must learn how to maintain their integrity without being obsessive or hurtfully judgmental.  They must learn when to work and when to take a break.  They have to remember their strong connection to the Earth and remind themselves of its cycles.  They have to remind themselves that it is often necessary to get dirty in order to clean up.  But they must fight strongly the tendency to give up and be swallowed by the filth. This is the biggest challenge for Jupiter in Virgo.

All of their luck is tied up into self sacrifice and they often find themselves in situations where they must choose between maintaining their purity and getting really messy at the hands of someone else. They must always remember that they will always remain pure as long as their intentions are pure.  No matter how far they might sink into the dirt, they can never really be penetrated by it unless they allow themselves to be.  Faith in themselves and their own values is their most important strength.

Jupiter in Virgo natives can help others by simply being honest with them, keeping it real with them.  They can help others to see their own flaws and their strengths.  They can help others to see what is holding them back and what they need to work on to move to the next level in their lives.  They can also inspire others by maintaining their purity and sense of self throughout many harrowing circumstances.  

Jupiter in Virgo natives often have to work for their luck.  As a result they have a very realistic understanding of life, which is quite lucky.  They don’t suffer fools gladly.  They will become wise by experiencing and appreciating all the joys and pains of life with honorable pragmatism.  They often find themselves in very messy situations so that they can show that it is possible to maintain your purity and sense of self against all odds.  They must learn to master any tendencies to be overly critical, obsessive and hurtfully judgmental before they can truly feel happy and light.  Whenever they are generously helping others to improve their lives and keeping their integrity regardless of the weather, they will be incredibly fortunate.

Jupiter in Virgo natives:


Mia Farrow, Yoko Ono, Bob Marley, Sylvia Plath, Willie Nelson, James Brown, Will Smith, Kim Kardashian,  Osama bin Laden, Roman Polanski, Thom Yorke, Alicia Keys, Zooey Deschanel, Daniel Day Lewis, Demi Lovato, Anna Nicole Smith, T.I., Debbie Harry, Ian Curtis, Timothy Leary, Spike Lee, Quincy Jones, Molly Wringwald

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